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Community Grants for 2023/24

Everyone Active grant scheme – now open

Do you have a project that could improve the health and wellbeing of our residents or provide a high-quality active opportunity in one of our communities? We have a budget of £50,000 in 2023/24 to support communities to become more active and sustain activity.

Food Network grant scheme – now open

Are you a food bank, food larder or community fridge based in the district and helping residents in our district with food support ? We have a budget of £2,500 per successful application to support local food network partners to purchase capital expenses from food and essential supplies, additional equipment to store and supply food and also revenue costs such as energy bills at the premises of the food larder/community fridge or food bank.

Councillor community grant

Expected launch date July 2023

Is your organisation looking for funding for a small capital project, or a one-off revenue project? Each South Oxfordshire district councillor has £5,000 to award to projects or services that offer community benefits in their ward area, budget permitting.  We are particularly keen to fund projects of greatest impact for residents, such as activities that protect and restore our natural world, promote action on the climate emergency and improve economic and community well-being.

Capital Grant Scheme

Expected launch date September 2023

Are you a voluntary or community organisation looking for funding towards a larger capital projects that help to build thriving communities and improve the quality of life for the residents in the district?

If so, we are keen to fund projects that; improve economic and community well-being, provides infrastructure that meets local need, that protect and restore our natural world; and take action on the climate emergency.

Business support

If you are a business that has applied for a government business grant or want information about the schemes available then please contact the South and Vale Business Support team  by emailing

If you’d like further information about the grants awarded or completed, please contact the Grants team on 01235 422405 or email

Please contact the grants team if you need any help with one of the schemes or your application.

Other types of council and partnership funding

You can find out more about the grants awarded up to March 2023 in the download below

Current grant recipients

We absolutely recognise that in these current, very challenging circumstances, your organisation may well be reviewing the services and support you currently offer to residents to provide the advice, help and support they will need over the coming months.

For current grant recipients, we understand that Covid-19 has very likely had an impact on your council supported projects and would encourage you to keep in regular contact with the community enablement team by emailing to discuss extending the time in which you have to start/complete your project during this period.

How we use your data and why

Please read more about how we may use your information and your rights, including those about accessing your records, by downloading our Community Enablement team’s Privacy Notice 

Contact us - Community grants

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