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What we’re doing to help tackle climate change

To reach our 2025 target of becoming carbon neutral within our own operations, we are taking the following action:

Creating a culture of sustainability

  • We are providing information and training for staff and councillors on the climate and ecological emergencies.
  • We are working to make sure that climate and ecological implications are considered in all decisions and areas of work.
  • We buy electricity for our buildings (such as council offices and our arts centre) that is from 100 per cent renewable energy sources.
  • We have stopped using plastic cups at our council office building in Abingdon. We have installed drinking water fountains for both staff and the public at our office. Staff should use reusable cups, while paper cups are provided for the public.

What are we doing to help biodiversity?

The council has been taking action on biodiversity, creating new wildlife habitats and boosting populations of species for many years. This has been achieved:

Cutting our carbon emissions

We have cut our carbon emissions by 47 per cent since 2009 by changes such as:

  • investing in energy saving measures in our leisure centres
  • installing LED lighting at Cornerstone Arts Centre
  • replacing our waste vehicles with more efficient models
  • moving to hybrid working and holding more meetings online
  • by moving to shared, smaller office premises.

This is a significant reduction and represents continued and sustained long-term progress in lowering greenhouse gas emissions arising from the council’s operations.

We have published our Climate Action Plan which outlines what we are doing to further reduce our carbon emissions to meet our targets of becoming carbon neutral as a council by 2025. 

We will continue to monitor our progress on our carbon emissions, and will publish an Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report.

Further information is set out in our Corporate Plan and Local Plan.

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