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Councillor community grants

This scheme is now open for new applications – closes at noon Friday 1 October

Please read our funding checklist and guidelines before starting an application.

Each South Oxfordshire district councillor has £5,000 to award to projects or services that offer community benefits in their ward area. Decisions may be made collectively in wards with multiple councillors. 

We are particularly keen to fund projects of greatest impact for residents, such as activities that protect and restore our natural world, promote action on the climate emergency and improve economic and community well-being.

Applications should focus on projects that deliver a clear and demonstrable benefit to the people of South Oxfordshire, specifically in the ward area they are applying to.

To find out the ward councillor or councillors for your area.  

How much is available and what for? 

Organisations are invited to apply for grants from £250 up to a maximum of £5,000 from each councillor (budget permitting). For wards with multiple councillors, applications may be considered by all ward members together to determine funding and you can apply to multiple councillors/wards should your project benefit a wider area.

We can fund up to 100 per cent of the total cost of a project and it must be completed within 12 months of the award decision. If your project is for a capital project, the total project cost must be £15,000 or less. Revenue projects have no such maximum. The first round of funding is open until noon Friday 1 October or when all the budget is allocated. We therefore recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible. 

Who can apply? 

We would like to hear from non-profit community organisations whose primary purpose is to benefit the residents of South Oxfordshire. Town and parish councils may also apply.

Who can’t apply?
  • Other local authorities/public sector bodies (for example Oxfordshire County Council, NHS trusts). Please note: Town/parish councils and parish meetings are eligible to apply
  • Groups who raise funds on behalf of or will improve/create facilities that will predominately benefit an ineligible organisation
  • Individuals (this includes making any payments to individuals on behalf of community groups)
  • Profit-based businesses (private businesses)
  • Political and lobbying groups
  • Organisations who operate a grant scheme of their own or who budget for giving grants/donations in their annual budget. Please note: Town/parish councils and parish meetings are eligible to apply
  • Nationwide organisations (except where they have a local constitution and/or local bank account. We may also make exceptions if a project clearly relates to a local hub/branch of the organisation)

The council is committed to promoting equality and diversity and welcomes applications from organisations representing minority or vulnerable groups. We encourage all applicants to make their projects as inclusive and accessible to all as possible.

Get in touch

After reviewing our funding guidance and application checklist, we encourage applicants to contact their local councillor to enquire whether the project is something they would be interested in funding. You are also very welcome to drop us an email at if you have any questions about the scheme and whether your project is eligible.

Contact us - Community grants

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