Report antisocial behaviour

How can you report anti social behaviour

If the anti-social behaviour is serious enough to make you fear for your safety or the safety of others, you should contact the police directly 101, or 999 if it is an emergency.

 You can report incidents of anti social behaviour in one of the following ways: 

What happens next? 

When you report antisocial behaviour, we will ask you for the following information:

Your details

You can make your reports anonymously, but if you want us to let you know how we are dealing with your report, we will need to know your name and address and how to get in touch with you.

Details about what happened

It would help us to tackle the problem if you are able to tell us where and when the incident happened and whether it has happened before.

Who was involved?

We would be able to take action quickly if we knew who was involved so we may ask if you recognise any of the people or vehicles involved.

Does the problem affect anyone else?

We want to make sure we have as much information as possible to decide what action to take, so we will check whether the behaviour affects any of your neighbours.

How we contact you.

We will contact you by e-mail or phone. If it necessary for a police officer or police community support officer to contact you, we will ask for your consent and check convenient times for you.

Passing on your details

We may pass your details to another team or organisation so they can deal with part of the problem.

Diary of Incidents

We may ask for a diary to be sent to you by the police, you will then log incidents over a short period of up to four weeks.

Keep making reports

We will ask you to report any new incidents as and when they happen, so we have a better chance of finding the people involved in the antisocial behaviour.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs)

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) make regular patrols of areas where incidents are happening and they will introduce themselves to you. The PCSOs will talk to the people taking part in the antisocial behaviour activities, and encourage them to change their behaviour.

Keeping you informed

We will let you know what actions we are taking, either through your contact with the local PCSO or by contacting you directly.

Last reviewed: 15 - 02 - 2018

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