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Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB): What is it and how to report it

What is Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)?

Anti-social behaviour, or ASB for short, is defined as behaving in a manner that ‘has caused or is likely to cause harassment, alarm, and distress to one or more persons not of the same household’.

Forms of ASB can include:

  • Anti-social drinking
  • Harassment
  • Hare coursing
  • Illegal lamping and game hunting
  • Intimidating groups dominating public spaces
  • Nuisance behaviour
  • Signs of drug use or dealing
  • Threats, intimidation and violence
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle nuisance

Reporting ASB

If you wish to report an incident of anti-social behaviour (ASB), particularly where it relates to criminal activity (e.g. harassment, violence, vandalism, drug dealing, public order), please call the police on 101 or visit the Thames Valley Police website hereAlways dial 999 in an emergency.

If you are a tenant of housing association/registered social landlord, we would also encourage you to report any incidents of ASB directly to them (including noise nuisance) so they can take action and provide support. If you are a tenant of Soha or Sovereign, please use these links.

If you wish to report other types of ASB, please click on the links below to be directed to the relevant service:

Alternatively, you can report ASB to the council’s Community Safety team and we will try and help resolve the issue(s). This may involve signposting you to those services that are best placed to assist or liaising with relevant agencies as necessary. We may also be able to offer suitable advice/interventions like mediation or crime prevention measures and direct you to sources of support. Please note that this service is available during office hours only and is not to be used to report high risk/emergency situations.

For more information on how we handle your case please see “what we as team will do when anti social behaviour is reported to us”.

Or you can view our full ASB case management policy here.

Contact us - Community safety

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