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Nuisance complaint and Enquiry reporting forms

Please use these forms to make enquiries, requests, reports and complaints

Formal nuisance complaint forms:

Artificial lighting nuisance complaint

Accumulation of waste or rubbish at a property

Bonfires – (burning of commercial or trade waste)

Bonfires – (burning waste in a residential garden)

Dust pollution complaint (building sites)

Noise nuisance complaint

Odour nuisance complaint (not from a domestic/residential property)

Smoke pollution complaint

Unsecured building reporting form (derelict buildings)

Enquiry forms:

Animal welfare licensing enquiry

Environmental permit enquiry

Mobile home site licensing enquiry

Private water supply enquiry

Scrap metal licensing enquiry

Contact us - Environmental Protection

01235 422403
(Text phone users add 18001 before dialing)

South Oxfordshire District Council
Environmental Protection Team
Abbey House
Abbey Close
OX14 3JE