Berinsfield community pages

These pages have been put together by South Oxfordshire District Council to keep residents of Berinsfield up to speed with what’s going on in their village, and to let them know when and how they can get involved.

The next steps

A wide range of organisations are working together right now to help push forward and bring some genuine community-led village improvements to Berinsfield in the near future.

Years of hard work from the community, the district and parish councils and other partners also mean the building blocks are in place for longer term investment and improvements.

At the district council, we have confirmed a range of commitments specifically to Berinsfield in our Corporate Plan and we successfully secured ‘Garden Village’ status from the government. The housing site at Berinsfield has also been confirmed in the adopted Local Plan, meaning housing developer investment in the community is assured.

Berinsfield Garden Village

In June 2019, Berinsfield was awarded garden village status. This means the government will provide us with extra funding to help plan for new open spaces, high-quality housing, new employment opportunities and community facilities for Berinsfield residents and the wider community. 

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Contact us - Berinsfield Garden Village

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135 Eastern Avenue
Milton Park
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