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Berinsfield Garden Village Delivery Plan

In order to achieve our goal of transforming Berinsfield into a thriving Garden Village with improved facilities that have been developed in accordance with the needs and ambitions of the community, a 27-project Berinsfield Community Delivery Plan was created and approved in 2023.

Additional projects was added to this plan, after the Berinfield Garden Village Team secured UK Shared Prosperity Funding to deliver projects meeting the following funding criteria:

  • Funding for new, or improvements to existing, community and neighbourhood infrastructure projects including those that increase communities’ resilience to natural hazards, such as flooding. This could cover capital spend and running costs.
  • Creation of and improvements to local green spaces, community gardens, watercourses and embankments, along with incorporating natural features into wider public spaces.

South Oxfordshire District Council’s delivery of the plan is overseen by the Berinsfield Garden Village Steering Group, chaired by Cllr Robin Bennett.