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Community involvement

We believe that involving the community is integral to the success of our garden village developments. We’re committed to ensuring that residents have a voice in shaping the future of their communities every step of the way. Through a range of engagement initiatives, we actively seek input from residents, businesses, and stakeholders on key projects and aspects of garden village planning and design.

Together, we’re building vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive garden villages that reflect the values, aspirations, and collective vision of the communities we serve. Explore our page to learn more about how we have involved Berinsfield residents to support the work of our Garden Communities Team. 

Ptarmigan Community Engagement

Please visit Ptarmigan web pages for more information about their community engagement events in Berinsfield.

Health and Wellbeing Community Engagement

In summer 2023 an Oxfordshire County Council Public Health funded project was launched to enhance health and wellbeing in Berinsfield.  SODC has been involving and consulting with the community in Berinsfield to understand:

  • What are the strengths and assets in the area that help support and enable your health and wellbeing?
  • What matters to you in the community?
  • What are some of the challenges to your health and wellbeing and what do you think might help address some of these challenges?

The range of community involvement undertaken to understand the views and experience of residents on health and wellbeing in Berinsfield is set out below:

Table 1: Community Involvement Summary

Method UsedResponders/ ReachDissemination
Health and Wellbeing Group was established in June 2023 to oversee the delivery of the project4 resident representatives are on the GroupResident representatives include a young person.
Health and Wellbeing Survey – Electronic and hard copy.  The survey ran from 20 September to 3 November 2023.61 completed responses (adults)   34 responses (young people)          Paper copies of the survey and promotional posters were made available in community venues: The Berin CentreBerinsfield LibraryBerinsfield Community AssociationAbbey Woods Leisure Centre (Berinsfield) Berry Youth Centre (Berinsfield)
A community ‘Pop-up’ event called Stay Well Saturday on 21 October 202350 people attendedSurveys responses were completed with the community.
1:1’s with residents were undertaken at the Pop-up’ event called Stay Well Saturday on 21 October 202314Interviews undertaken by the Berinsfield Community Outreach Officer.
Resident case studies (summer 2023)4Interviews undertaken by the Berinsfield Community Outreach Officer.
Young people focus group (held on 19 July 2023)10  Session held at the Youth and facilitated by 3 volunteer youth workers.  
Intergenerational focus group (held on 28 July 2023)6Session facilitated by Berinsfield Community Outreach Worker.
Older People focus group (held on 4 August 2023) 19 people who attend the Day Centre and 3 staff/volunteers.Facilitated by Berinsfield Community Outreach Officer at The Day Centre
Young People Focus Group (held on 13 February 2024)9 people attended on the dayFacilitated by Berry Youth Centre volunteer youth workers.

In addition to the views and experience gathered from the community, the project has also gathered a range of other evidence including government data and views from organisations that deliver services in Berinsfield. 

A Berinsfield Community Insight report is currently being written by an independent external consultant and will contain recommendations on actions to improve health and wellbeing which will inform the basis of a multi-agency action plan. The action plan will explore opportunities to encourage and support residents involvement in activities and services such as through volunteering, which will bring additional resources to community services as well and providing benefits to those taking part.  Once these have been finalised, details of how community involvement has shaped our plans and actions to enhance health and wellbeing in Berinsfield will be published in this page.