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AJ Bell Women’s Tour 2021

On Monday 4 October 2021, thousands of people from across Oxfordshire and beyond are expected to line the route as around 100 professional riders race through the county as part of the prestigious AJ Bell Women’s Tour cycling event, bringing both economic and health benefits to the area.

This will be the second year that Oxfordshire will host the Women’s Tour; part of a three-year commitment that began in 2019, and following the event’s postponement in 2020. Different routes are planned each year to showcase the county’s diversity to a national and international audience. 

Get involved and make the most of the event

We’d love to see everyone in South Oxfordshire get involved to mark this event, particular those of you who live or work near the route.

This could be

  • Simply cheering the riders on from the side of the roads, where it is safe to do so
  • Joining your community to put up bunting, flags, or cycling-inspired artwork along the route
  • If you have a shop you could create a cycling-themed window display
  • If you have a cafe or restaurant you could have a cycling-themed menu
  • For more ideas, take a look at the community initiatives pack (PDF).

The event will be seen by a national television audience, so it’s a great chance to show the area off to the wider public!

What will happen on the day

  • 10:45am – The AJ Bell Women’s Tour will start in Bicester
  • 11.30am – The tour passes through Woodeaton
  • The riders will then travel through Oxford
  • 11.40am – They will re-enter South Oxfordshire via Watlington Road
  • Riders will then race through the Baldons, Clifton Hampden and by Culham Science Centre
  • 12:00 midday – The riders will leave the district via Abingdon Bridge. 
  • For more information please see the estimated route timings.

Road closures and parking restrictions

To ensure the safety of competitors and the public, rolling road closures will be in place during the event, lasting for a few minutes before the race enter each area until all the riders have passed. 

There will also be no parking on the route on race day until after all riders have passed.  This restriction will be strictly enforced, and any vehicles will be removed.

We would urge those of you who live or work on or near to the route to prepare in advance, so you don’t get caught in any delays.

For more information, view the full updated route.

RAll rolling road closures for the race will be managed by the race organisers Sweetspot and their police outriders

More information about the AJ Bell Women’s Tour

Created by SweetSpot Group in 2014, the Women’s Tour is the UK’s first international stage race for women, bringing the world’s top riders to compete in Great Britain as a part of the UCI Women’s World Tour.

In addition to its wider aims of promoting active and healthy lifestyles to women, the event has championed equality in sport, notably offering the same prize fund pro rata as the men’s Tour of Britain.

The race, which has been won by the likes of Marianne Vos (2014), Lizzie Deignan (2016 and 2019) and Coryn Rivera (2018), attracts an annual roadside audience of 300,000, as well as over three million fans through linear and online platforms.

For more information about this event visit the Women’s Tour website.

Olympic champion racing in Oxfordshire

Olympic time trial champion Annemiek van Vleuten has confirmed that the AJ Bell Women’s Tour will be on her programme in 2021. Further details here.