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Are you likely to get planning permission?

Pre-application advice

Are you thinking of carrying out some building improvements or works on your home?  If the works need planning permission, we can let you know if we think it is likely that you will get permission.

Why should you do this?

  • This advice can help you improve your planning application and give it a better chance of succeeding, and it can help make the process quicker.
  • It can save you time and money by advising you against an application that is unlikely to be allowed.

Follow our guide to requesting pre-application advice here, which explains what you need to do, what you need to send to us, how much it will cost, and what advice you will receive.

Important notes

  • We will consider all pre-application advice requests, and the advice itself, as confidential until you put in a related planning application – the advice will then be published on our website alongside your planning application.
  • The advice we give you will be taken into consideration as part of any related planning application, but it is not a formal decision on its own, and it does not commit us to make any particular decision on your planning application.
  • If you submit a planning application that doesn’t take on board pre-application advice we have given you, we are likely to refuse the application without any further conversation.

Amended plans – Non-Major Planning Applications

Sometimes an application will not be acceptable in its original form. It will be at officers’ discretion whether we refuse the application or whether we invite amended plans and/or additional information.  The planning officer dealing with your application will contact you to discuss this and explain the process and timescales.   Amendments should be submitted within the timescales requested and include a completed amended plans proforma which sets out the plans and information that is being changed.

One set of amended plans and/or one set of further technical reports will usually be accepted after the consultation process has ended if a positive change is proposed.  No further amendments will be accepted.  As these amendments may result in further consultation with consultees or neighbours, we will only accept amended plans if an extension of time is agreed in writing allowing us the time for further consultation and determination of the application.  If this is not provided alongside the amended plans, you are advised to withdraw your proposal and resubmit.

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