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Covid-19: Extension to construction site working hours

Construction workers should follow a code of practice that include measures to help keep noise to a minimum. Noisy construction activities should normally only be carried out during reasonable hours, which we broadly define as:

  • 7.30am to 6pm from Monday to Friday
  • 8am to 1pm on Saturdays
  • no noisy works on Sundays and Bank Holidays

Because of Covid-19, the government has introduced new guidance for longer working hours on construction sites, which means work can now be carried out until 9pm on Monday to Saturday with no works on Sundays or Bank Holidays.

Longer working hours may be justified, particularly if there are no residential or noise sensitive dwellings nearby or the work being carried out is not noisy.

We maintain local discretion and where there are is an unreasonable noise impact, we have formal powers to deal with such issues if they cannot be resolved informally.

It is important to note that noisy construction work is usually only temporary, and it will eventually stop. In some cases, we can impose restrictions on the way work is carried out, including controlling hours on site and setting noise limits.

If you’d like to report a noisy construction site or one that is working out of the hours we mention, please complete a noise nuisance complaint form.