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Abandoned Vehicles

 We are responsible for their removal.

A vehicle can be reported if:

  • It has been parked in the same place for a long period of time.
  • It in a dangerous condition due to broken glass, fire damage or sharp edges

We can investigate suspected abandoned vehicles and, if we find that a vehicle has been abandoned, remove and dispose of it.

Before reporting a suspected abandoned vehicle please visit the DVLA website to check if the vehicle is taxed or has an MOT.

We are unable to deal with illegal or nuisance parking. Illegal parking in South Oxfordshire is now enforced by Oxfordshire County Council. Nuisance or dangerous parking should be reported to your local police neighbourhood team by calling 101 or online. The police are also responsible for the enforcement of vehicles without an MOT.

Vehicles that are untaxed are not considered abandoned if the owner is known. Please report untaxed vehicles to the DVLA here.

How to report an abandoned vehicle

 When reporting a suspected abandoned vehicle please provide the following details:

  • type of vehicle (car, van, motorbike, caravan, trailer, motor home)
  • the location of the vehicle
  • the make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • the registration number of the vehicle
  • vehicle tax status (see above)
  • approximately how long has it been there
  • is there any damage that may cause a risk to public health?
  • Your name and telephone number/email address so we can keep you updated and check details with you

Please note that if we find your contact details are incorrect or false, we may not be able to investigate your abandoned vehicle report.

You can report an Abandoned Vehicle here.

If you are reporting more than one vehicle, please complete a separate report for each one.

What action we will take 

We will visit and inspect the vehicle as soon as possible. We will photograph the vehicle when we inspect it for evidence.

Please note that investigations can take some time as we may have to serve notices to land owners and vehicle keepers. 

If we believe the vehicle has not been abandoned, we will not remove it but may refer it onto the DVLA or police. 

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