Our Development Plan

What is our Development Plan?

Our Development Plan consists of two district wide planning documents and any adopted neighbourhood plans.  These documents, alongside the National Planning Policy Framework and any other relevant national planning guidance are used to help determine planning applications in South Oxfordshire.  Our Development Plan consists of:

We are currently preparing the following Development Plan documents:

In addition to Development Plan documents, we have prepared, or are preparing, a number of supplementary planning documents and guidance:

The Development Plan is supported by a number of other documents:

Site Submissions

Purchasing copies of our Development Plan documents 

Digital copies of policy documents are available on the links above, but you can purchase hard copies of our documents for the prices set out below:

  • South Oxfordshire Core Strategy - £20
  • Adopted Policies Maps - £20
  • South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011 - £20 

Prices include postage but all credit card transactions are subject to a minor fee.  Please contact the planning policy team to place an order.

Last reviewed: 19 - 07 - 2018

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