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Statement of community involvement

Please note that we are revising our current Statement of Community Involvement to reflect operational changes required to accord with Government’s advice under the ongoing outbreak of Covid19.

In May 2020 the Council, under emergency powers delegated to the Chief Executive, made changes to its planning scheme of delegation and to hold virtual planning committee meetings.  These actions are in response to Government’s advice to help keep the planning system moving and to assist the long-term economic recovery.

We are currently reviewing our Statement of Community Involvement where we cannot comply with its requirements. Please be aware of this and bear with us whilst we undertake this review work in these challenging times.

We appreciate your assistance.

South Oxfordshire District Council is committed to working in a clear and transparent way, and is keen to assist anyone who may wish to be involved in the planning process.

Our Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how we will engage with our communities and businesses so they can comment on new planning policy documents and planning applications. 

The SCI was adopted by Cabinet on 15 June 2017 and replaces the previous SCI adopted on 6 July 2006.  

Consultation on the Statement of Community Involvement

A public consultation on the SCI ran for six weeks from 11 January to 22 February 2017.  We asked for feedback on the content of the SCI and our consultation methods.  168 people and organisations participated; their views have resulted in changes to the SCI. The consultation report (541.0 KB)   details the findings and recommendations.  

Here are some of the things you said and the actions we have taken based on your comments: 

Comments were received about the length of the SCI and a request for Plain English text

  • We have included more detail in the introduction and set out the purpose of the SCI.
  • The text has been simplified in several sections.
  • We are reviewing the need for additional summary materials to explain how we engage our communities.

Some respondents requested an explanation of planning matters and developer forums

  • We added in links to planning information websites.
  • Additional information on developer forums has been included.
  • Information has been provided on how we will work with those promoting development sites; this it to make those affected aware of new planning proposals.

There were requests that we use social media and local parish newsletters to promote our consultations

  • For the recent Local Plan consultations in South  and Vale  we started using Facebook advertising to promote consultation events; we also sent articles to all parish newsletters.
  • We continue to use our Twitter feed  to communicate about consultations and planning matters.

Supporting documents:

SCI Adoption Statement (123.8 KB) 

SCI Equality and Human Rights Impact Check

All documents are available to view at the Council’s Offices at 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton, OX14 4SB (opening times Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm).