Larger villages allocations

The Core Strategy allocated 1,154 homes to the Larger Villages. In July 2013 we consulted on how this number should be split between the villages. The final split, agreed by our councillors in September 2013, planned for growth based on the existing size of each village, except at Wheatley where the Green Belt forms a strong constraint. Communities in a number of these villages - Berinsfield, Chalgrove, Sonning Common, Watlington and Woodcote - have chosen to prepare neighbourhood plans which will identify the sites where new homes should be built (Woodcote’s Neighbourhood Plan is now completed). If you are interested in which sites these communities are choosing for housing please check with the local neighbourhood plan group – information is online at

In the larger villages of Benson, Cholsey, Chinnor, Crowmarsh Gifford, Goring and Nettlebed the sites chosen for new homes will be allocated in the Local Plan 2031. We have already done some work with these communities and with service providers to understand their views about where new homes should be built and what other services and facilities may be required to support additional housing. We have also done further work to identify constraints around these villages, and sustainability appraisal and site assessment tables are available below.

For each village we set out below a refined list of sites which may be suitable for new homes, and on which we are seeking your views. There is more land shortlisted than will be needed, and some sites are much bigger than needed, so we would not necessarily have to allocate every site. For larger sites, only part might be appropriate, leaving room for landscaping and green space. By progressing with these decisions we maintain momentum and help reduce uncertainty in these communities.

Please see the full consultation document for full details




Crowmarsh Gifford 




Last reviewed: 14 - 05 - 2018

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