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Evaluation of Transport Impact Assessment

The South Oxfordshire Evaluation of Transport Impact (ETI) is a key piece of our evidence base to support our Core Strategy.  It is a district wide transport assessment that has considered the impact of the new development proposed within the core strategy on the road network within the district.

What does the assessment tell us?
The assessment has considered our preferred approach to the location of new development and compares it with the different options that we have looked at.  It confirms that our preferred strategy for a strong network of settlements results in the least impact on the local and strategic road network.  In addition to this it verifies that the level of development proposed within the core strategy can be accommodated.  This does not mean that increased pressure will not be experienced on the road network at certain locations within the district.  However improvement measures can be put in place.  Essentially the assessment indicates that there are no overriding problems associated with traffic impact related to the core strategy development.  

We have also prepared a joint ETI with the Vale of White Horse District Council.  This was to assess the combined impacts that our respective core strategies have on each others neighbouring areas and in particular, the combined impacts on the strategic road network i.e. the A34 and the M40

View the documents
You view the reports and related appendices by clicking on the relevant links below.

South Oxfordshire District Council ETI report (2009) (11.7 MB) PDF

South Oxfordshire District Council ETI report appendices (2009) (7.4 MB) PDF

South Oxfordshire and Vale District Councils combined information (4.5 MB) PDF

Last reviewed: 18 - 02 - 2015

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