Reporting fly-tipping (dumped rubbish)

If you witness fly-tipping or wish to report materials fly-tipped, please contact our waste team immediately:

or telephone 03000 610 610 or email

Please do not remove anything from the fly-tip site.  It is vital that all the evidence is left at the site for council officers to investigate.  If any evidence is removed, it could damage any potential prosecution case taken by the council.

If you find a fly-tipping site, please provide the following information:

  • its location
  • type and quantity of waste dumped.

And if you witnessed a fly-tip in progress, please provide the following information:

  • date and time of the event
  • its location
  • type and quantity of waste dumped
  • description of the person(s) carrying out the fly-tipping
  • vehicle description and registration
  • any company details (i.e. name of the site of a company van or vehicle)
  • any other information felt to be helpful for the council's investigation.

People found guilty of fly-tipping can face unlimited fines or a prison sentence.

Who's getting rid of your rubbish?

If you need to pay someone to remove waste from your property, to help ensure you don't end up giving your rubbish to a fly-tipper please follow our tips on waste removal - how to stay legal.


Last reviewed: 16 - 01 - 2018

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