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How to stay legal if you pay someone to get rid of rubbish

By law, you are responsible for your rubbish even if you pay someone else to take it away.

So, if you pay someone to remove rubbish from your property and it’s then fly-tipped (dumped on land rather than properly disposed of) you could be prosecuted.

The responsibility is on you to check that they are legally allowed to dispose of waste.

How can I make sure I pay someone who is registered?

By checking the public register, you can make sure you are paying a registered waste carrier to get rid of your rubbish. 

Make sure you get a written receipt showing their contact details, what they’re taking away and where they are going to take it. 

You should also get the make, colour and registration number of the vehicle that’s taking the rubbish away.

For more information about removing other waste please visit our bulky waste and dangerous waste pages.

Information for businesses and traders

If you are looking to have commercial/trade waste removed, please visit Oxfordshire County Council’s website for details on how to responsibly dispose of business and commercial waste.

You must register as a waste carrier, if your business does any of the following:

  • transports waste (a carrier)
  • buys, sells or disposes of waste (a dealer)
  • arranges for someone else to buy, sell or dispose of waste (a broker)

You can get an unlimited fine if you do not register.

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