Street Collection Permit

Information about licensing of street collections

Please note that only one permit is issued by the council per day, per town, for street collections.

Your application for a street collection (153.2 KB) PDF should be made at least 28 days before a proposed collection date in order that the necessary permits can be prepared. Please contact the Licensing Team at the earliest opportunity to discuss the availability of collection dates. For certain locations, the permission of the landowner also needs to be given. Following the collection, there is a requirement of the promoter to send a form of return to the Licensing Team.


Before we can grant a street collection permit, we need to have as much information as possible about your charity, so please send in leaflets and a copy of the latest charity accounts with your application form. Normally, permits will only be granted for charities which are national or local in nature. 

If you do not belong to the group you want to collect for, you must have a street collection certification (63.6 KB) PDF completed by the charity or group which must be submitted with your application form. This certificate must say that they agree to you collecting for them and be provided for each calendar year.


For collections with a carnival, bed push, standing display, vehicles etc, you will also need to contact the Chief Constable, Thames Valley Police.


No animals must be used in any street collections, but please contact us if you need to use your guide dog during the collection.

Private areas

We no longer authorise collections to be held in private shopping centres/areas from which the public can be excluded.


If you want to sell goods, magazines, etc, in a public place for charity, you will need to apply for a street collection permit.

Money for travel

You will not usually be allowed to take money from the collection for travel to and from the place you are collecting in so please do not put travel expenses on the application form.

Please note that for online applications we also require a street collection certification (63.6 KB) PDF if this has not been previously supplied as detailed above.

Last reviewed: 09 - 10 - 2018

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