Television Digital Switchover

Television digital switchover is coming this September and it affects South Oxfordshire.  Details of the digital switchover are available from Digital UK.  Some residents may require upgraded television aerials or want a new satellite dish, below are details of the requirements for planning permission.

It is possible to install certain television aerials, or satellite dishes without need to apply for planning permission. 

If a new aerial is installed within your property, for example in the loft space, planning permission is unlikely to be required from the council.

Where an aerial or satellite dish is installed to the exterior of a house planning permission will be required from the council unless the works fall within the requirements of permitted development.

Guidance on permitted development for satellite dishes is available from the planning portal here, along with an interactive mini guide.

It is possible to obtain the opinion of a planning officer, and a formal determination from the council as to whether your dish requires planning permission through the council’s pre-application advice service, details of which can be found here.