The council has a Cabinet and Leader management structure. The council is Conservative controlled

Cabinet is responsible for carrying out the executive functions of the council within the approved budget and policy framework.

The cabinet is: 
John Cotton
 - Leader, partnership and insight

Cllr for Berinsfield - Conservative

Jane Murphy - Deputy Leader and Finance

Cllr for Cholsey - Conservative

Felix Bloomfield - Planning

Cllr for Benson and Crowmarsh - Conservative

Elizabeth Gillespie - Housing and environment

Cllr for Garsingston & Horspath - Conservative

Tony Harbour - Legal and democratic services, plus Didcot Garden Town

Cllr for Didcot North East - Conservative

Lynn Lloyd - Community services

Cllr for Chinnor - Conservative

David Nimmo-Smith - Development and regeneration

Cllr for Woodcote and Rotherfield

Robert Simister - Corporate services

Cllr for Kidmore End and Whitchurch - Conservative

The Council is chaired by:

Jeannette Matelot, who is also responsible for bursary awards and general presentations

Political background

There are 36 councillors directing the work of the council, elected by the voters of South Oxfordshire. Our elections are held every four years. Each councillor represents a ward in South Oxfordshire.

The council came into existence in 1974 and until 1995 was Conservative controlled.  From 1995 to 2003, a Liberal Democrat/Labour administration ran the council.  At the elections in 2003, the Conservative group regained control, and have been the ruling group since.  Following the May 2015 elections the Conservatives have 33 seats, the Henley Residents Group one, Labour one and the Liberal Democrats also have one seat.

You can view details for councillors by wardpostcode or political group.

Last reviewed: 01 - 02 - 2018

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