The council has a Cabinet and Leader management structure. 

Cabinet is responsible for carrying out the executive functions of the council within the approved budget and policy framework.

The cabinet is: 

The Council is chaired by Cllr David Bretherton and his Vice-chair is Cllr Elizabeth Gillespie.

Political background

There are 36 councillors directing the work of the council, elected by the voters of South Oxfordshire. Our elections are held every four years. Each councillor represents a ward in South Oxfordshire.

There is currently no overall control of the council by a single political group. There are 12 Liberal Democrat councillors, ten Conservatives, five Green, three Labour, three Henley Residents' Group and three independent councillors.

You can view details for councillors by wardpostcode or political group.

Last reviewed: 17 - 05 - 2019

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