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South Oxfordshire councillors use feedback to develop Corporate Plan themes for the future

In July of this year Cabinet members at South Oxfordshire District Council asked residents and those working in the district to have their say on what mattered to them about where they live to help form the themes of the forthcoming Corporate Plan.

The survey had a great response with over 930 people giving their feedback on the six themes they were asked to comment on. These themes included “Action on the Climate Emergency”, “Homes and infrastructure that meets local needs” and “Openness and Accountability”.

After the survey closed councillors discussed the feedback and a number of changes have been recommended based on the information given by those living and working in South Oxfordshire.

Some of the changes that have been recommended are:

  • To reorder the themes to give greater emphasis to the ones ranked most important, particularly “Protect and Restore our Natural World” and improving “Openness and Accountability”
  • Consider the concerns about housing and over development and consider the acceleration of a project to deliver Council-owned net-zero homes and use grants, planning policy and advocacy to ensure the same standards throughout the districtto mitigate concerns.
  • Changes to be made to some of the language used in the Corporate Plan report replacing the words with those felt more understandable and in Plain English

Cllr Sue Cooper, Leader of South Oxfordshire District Council said: “We said that we would listen to what residents and those working in South Oxfordshire had to say, and we have. It really matters to us that these themes resonate with the people we are here to serve, and they know that having taken the time to respond to us, we would act upon their feedback where we felt it was right to do so”

Cllr Andrea Powell, Cabinet member for Corporate Services at South Oxfordshire District Council said “These themes are really important for us as councillors to form our priorities for the coming years and to form the way we as a council work. By incorporating the feedback we have been given into our Corporate Plan we know that we are doing what we can to make the district a better place for businesses, for families and for future generations”

Note to Editors:

On 1 October the council’s Cabinet voted to recommend that the full council, which meets next week, should to adopt the new Corporate Plan.

You can find out more about the draft Corporate Plan here