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Garden waste Collection Service – Terms and Conditions

  1. The Garden Waste Collection Service (the “Service”) is for the period commencing on the date of your first payment until 31 March 2025.
  2. The fee for the Service will be by direct debit only, unless for exceptional reasons an alternative method of payment has been agreed in advance by the council.
  3. The Service is registered to the property of the resident who purchases it. If you move to another property within South Oxfordshire (“the District”), you can have the Service transferred to the new property, provided you inform the council. When you have moved, you must contact the garden waste team to provide your new address and we will then transfer your service. If there is a bin already at the property, you can start using it straight away. If there is not a bin present, please let us know and we will arrange for one to be delivered to you, normally within 10 working days.
  4. If you move out of the District, cancel or suspend your Service part way through the Service period you will not be eligible for a full or part refund of the fee.  If you take the garden waste bin(s) with you, you may be charged for the bin(s). 
  5. The bin(s) remain the property of the council and must only be used for garden waste.
  6. You are entitled to a minimum of 20 collections (or a pro-rata number) calculated from the payment date until the 31 March 2025 on the scheduled collection day.
  7. The council reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions and will advertise changes on the council website and on your annual renewal invoice.
  8. The bin(s) must not be defaced, damaged or inscribed in any way. Damaged or stolen bin(s) must be reported immediately and a one-off charge may be incurred for the replacement.
  9. All garden waste must be contained within the bin(s) provided unless otherwise agreed by the council. Garden waste not contained in the bin(s) will not be collected. Contaminated, unsafe bin(s) or bins with unacceptable items will not be emptied. A list of unacceptable items is available on the Council’s website.
  10. Bin(s) must be out for collection on the inside edge of your property’s boundary or at an agreed collection point for emptying by 6am on collection day.  This should be at the point nearest to the road or pavement and no more than one metre away from the boundary edge. The bin(s) must be accessible and clearly visible.
  11. If the council misses a collection when your bin was presented correctly in accordance with clause 9 above, and you have reported this to Biffa, the council will endeavour to make the collection as soon as reasonably practicable. Missed collections must be reported by the end of the following working day after your scheduled collection day. The council will not issue refunds for missed collections. Please see the council’s website on how to report a missed collection. or alternatively contact Biffa on 03000 610 610 or email
  12. The council reserves the right to change the collection day, and will notify you in advance through the press, the council’s website, and other council publications.
  13. The council will suspend collections for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period. Confirmation of collection days and dates affected over the Christmas period will be available on the council’s website and other council publications.
  14. The council reserves the right to suspend collections in exceptional circumstances, including adverse weather conditions. Notification of any cancellation will be made available on the council’s website and other council publications.
  15. Properties with restricted access may not be suitable to receive the service. The council will assess the property, and if it is not suitable the council will advise of the other options available.
  16. The council accepts no liability for injury due to the use of the bin(s).
  17. The council will use your personal data for the purpose of managing your garden waste subscription only. It will be passed to our contractor Biffa so that they can arrange delivery of your bin and your collections. For full details of how the council manages personal data please see our full privacy statement on our website.

Garden waste privacy notice

If you should have any queries, please contact Customer Services on 01235 422600 or email

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Terms and conditions updated: January/February 2024

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