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Collection changes

Our waste contractor, Biffa, is introducing new routes after 10 October to make our household waste and recycling rounds more efficient.  This will mean changes to bin days for some people.

But not everyone. The vast majority will stay the same.

If you have received a message tag on your bin recently then you are likely to be one of those having a change to your waste collections.

Our waste contractor, Biffa, has also sent letters to affected households with specific information about how their collection days will change.

You can look up your address below to check whether you are affected and if so, what the changes are.

Some households will have a different bin day, some households will have a week change* ie rubbish and recycling cycle will swap (but their collection day will remain the same) and/or a different bin day

*People with week changes have been sent new calendars.

Why are the collection days changing?

Since the collection routes were first planned more than ten years ago, lots of new homes have been built. This means collection routes are much busier in areas that have new houses, resulting in uneven rounds. By planning new collection routes, we can make them more efficient and use less fuel. This is more cost-effective and better for the environment. The new routes are of a more equal size which is also fairer on the crews. Positive benefits for residents will mean a reduction in later collections and fewer situations where people in the same street have different collections.

Contact us - Biffa

03000 610610
(Text phone users add 18001 before dialing)

c/o South Oxfordshire District Council
Abbey House
Abbey Close
OX14 3JE