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What is a listed building

A listed building is a building of designated special architectural or historic interest.  By having listed status, it is covered by greater planning controls and therefore better protected for the local community and future generations to enjoy.

There are over 3,000 listed buildings in South Oxfordshire. As well as houses and cottages, listed buildings also include structures such as bridges, memorials, telephone kiosks and gravestones.

Buildings are listed under grades which indicates their importance:

  • Grade I buildings are those of exceptional interest and national importance (2% of all listed buildings).
  • Grade II* are of outstanding interest of more than special interest and regional significance (5% of all listed buildings).
  • Grade II are of special interest. Most listed buildings (93%) fall into the Grade II category.

The whole of the building is covered by the listing, both inside and out, including any modern extensions physically attached to the building.  Internal features such as staircases, fireplaces, doors, floors, panelling and bread ovens are also protected as they are an essential part of the building’s character, as well as the land immediately surrounding the building, known as the curtilage.

The same level of protection applies to a Grade II building as to one listed as Grade I.

To find whether a building is listed please see on the statutory list which is maintained by Historic England on behalf of the Secretary of State –

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