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Carrying out maintenance and repairs to a listed building

There is a fine distinction between maintenance or repair to a listed building and alterations which require listed building consent.  

The gradual loss of original materials and details during repair work can erode the architectural and historic value of the whole building.

You will need consent if you wish to replace original materials, such as lath and plaster, wattle and daub with modern alternatives such as expanded metal lath or plasterboard.  

In carrying out any work your aim should be to protect and repair the building rather than carrying out any wholesale replacement.

Except in rare circumstances, and provided that the structure of the building and historic details remain untouched, you are unlikely to need consent if you just wish to carry out day-to-day repairs and redecoration, plumbing, heating and electrical services. 

You may need consent if you wish to repaint the exterior of listed buildings in different colours or the clean the brickwork and stone.

Even though you may only be intending to carry out minor work, we would advise checking with our Conservation and Design Team before you begin work. 

Repairs and maintenance should only be carried out by builders and craftsmen with proven experience of historic buildings.  For instance, it is especially important that traditional lime mortar or plaster be used when re-pointing or re-rendering historic buildings.  Traditional lime based breathable washes are also more appropriate than modern paints.  In many cases the use of modern material can cause further damage and you may become liable to enforcement action

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