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Article 4 Directions

Under the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) you are allowed to carry out a range of alterations to your property without the need for planning permission.  These works are known as ‘permitted development’.  

An Article 4(1) Direction allows us to remove permitted development rights granted by the GPDO – this means you would need planning permission for all works specified in the Direction.  

The Direction is limited to external works, and in particular those works that have the potential to erode the special interest of the area and we would serve an Article 4(1) Direction in order to preserve special characteristics that would otherwise be harmed by works which were deemed to be permitted.

Article 4(1) Directions  we have served across the district apply to land already considered to be of special interest; these areas are either partly or wholly within designated conservation areas.  

Article 4(1) Directions within South Oxfordshire:

The list below contains all of the urban Article 4(1) Directions within South Oxfordshire.  Some work covered by these Directions require planning permission.  For further information, if you have questions on Article 4(1) Directions where guidance is not available below, please contact our Planning team.

There are also other Directions that affect agricultural land and areas of open space. For enquiries about these please speak to a member of our Planning Service.

New Article 4(1) Directions

There are currently no live Article 4(1) consultations. 

If you have any questions about the Article 4(1) Directions please email or call our Conservation Team on 01235 422600.

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