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Casual Vacancies

A casual vacancy can occur in any division, ward or parish if a serving councillor resigns, dies or is disqualified, thereby creating a ‘casual vacancy’.

When a casual vacancy arises, the relevant Council must publish a “Notice of Vacancy”. If a request to fill the vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer, and it fulfils the criteria below, a by-election will be held. If however a vacancy occurs within six months of the date of the next scheduled elections, the vacancy is carried over to the next elections. The seat will remain vacant during that time and no by-election will be held.

  • For a district council vacancy a request for an election must have the signatures of two electors registered within the District
  • For a parish or town council vacancy a request for an election must have the signatures of ten electors registered within the parish or parish ward (where warded) to be received before the deadline stated in the Notice of Vacancy

The candidate elected at the by-election will then serve the remainder of the term in office until the next election.

The Returning Officer for South Oxfordshire District Council is Mark Stone

Current casual vacancies

There are currently no casual vacancies to South Oxfordshire District Council.

For parish clerks

Guidance for parish Clerks about the casual vacancy process is available by following this link

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