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Stray Dog Journey

What happens when the council receive a call about a stray dog?

When we get a call about a stray dog, we record the details about the type of dog, where it was found, details of the person that has found the dog and any other useful information. This is recorded on our stray dog database and passed to our contracted dog warden for collection.

When our contracted dog warden has secured the dog, it is given some water, a visual health check and scanned for a microchip. The dog is taken to our contracted kennels.

When the dog arrives at the kennels, it is scanned again for a microchip and given a health and behaviour assessment before being moved to one of their kennel blocks. All information is recorded and passed back to us.

If any details are found with the dog or on the microchip we will attempt to contact the owners. Once the owner has paid the costs of capture and kennelling their stray dog along with a statutory fee, collection is arranged.

We must keep the dog safe in the contracted kennels for seven days with the hope that it will be reclaimed. We routinely work with lost dog charities on social media and other websites in the hope that we find the owner of the lost dog.

At the end of this seven-day period, if the owner has not come forward to reclaim their lost dog, our contracted kennels passes the dog to one of our approved re-homing centres.

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