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Dilapidated, dirty and pest infested homes

We have powers under the Public Health Act 1936 to deal with properties that have become very dirty, infested or are falling into ruin – sometimes this is because the person living there needs some support or may be vulnerable.

We attempt to contact the occupant to make sure they’re ok before taking any action needed if there is a risk to public health.  For example, we would consider getting involved if a property is infested with rats or fleas or contains decomposing rubbish. 

In cases where there is a risk to public health, we can obtain a warrant to enter and assess the condition of the property.   We can also serve a legal notice on the owner requiring them to clean and clear their property.

We do not investigate premises that are merely unsightly, untidy or in a bad state of repair. Some premises may come under planning enforcement – you can read more information here.

You can report a dilapidated, dirty or infested home by filling in our online report form or by contacting the environmental protection team. Some further information and support about Hoarding is available on the Hoarding Disorders UK website.

Please see our pest control page if think you require this service.

Contact us - Environmental Protection

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