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New properties

Council tax bands and valuation

The amount of council tax you have to pay each year depends on the valuation band the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) allocates to your property.

You can find out more details about valuation bands, including how to appeal your property’s valuation band on How your council tax is calculated.

Please note, it can take the VOA up to 126 days to notify us of your new property banding. However, we will set up a dummy council tax account for you which will allow you to make council tax payments prior to receiving your official demand notice.

Further details on how the VOA value new properties can be found on their webpage at How we value new properties for Council Tax

Council tax completion notices

During the construction or conversion of a building we will send a notice to the owner (or person due to take possession) to confirm the completion date of the construction or conversion.

This will allow us to confirm the date on which the property becomes liable for council tax.

Starting the day after completion, whilst the property remains empty and unfurnished a discount of 100 per cent is given for a maximum duration of up to one month. After this period has ended (or if the property becomes occupied within the month), the owner or occupier will become liable for council tax.

Appeal a completion date

If you are sent a Completion Notice and disagree with the completion day stated, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal within four weeks of the date on the notice.  Details of the appeal process will be included with the notice.

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