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Support for independent businesses

We’ve partnered with ShopAppy to provide an online marketplace for independent High Street businesses located in South and Vale.

Our partnership with ShopAppy aims to consolidate local, independent businesses on a single online marketplace, allowing residents access to a platform through which they can purchase goods from South and Vale based businesses.

Under our current partnership, the platform will be free for the area’s businesses to access until March 2024 (excluding bank / card charges).

Find ShopAppy for your town

What is ShopAppy?

ShopAppy is a “Shop & Support Local” website making it easier than ever for people to browse, book and buy from their local businesses.

ShopAppy’s mission isn’t to create more online shoppers, but to create a community of local shoppers that can opt to shop in the way they choose.

Why should my business get involved?

Benefits of creating a presence on the ShopAppy website include:

  • Free presence
  • An easy-to-use, straight forward way to get online
  • Learn new digital skills
  • You will have a dedicated Community Support Manager. ShopAppy hosts fortnightly drop-in sessions and there are videos in your welcome emails that show you how to add products and services
  • Access to the ShopAppy Family group on Facebook, where vendors share tips, questions and support
  • If you sell on Facebook, you can add a “Shop Now” button and have an automated reply message in messenger to direct people to your profile
  • A marketing reach that a small business could not afford on their own – ShopAppy, the Councils and SVBS will help to market the scheme, business profiles and products/services
  • Customers can benefit from one check out, one click & collect location or one delivery in your town.
  • An opportunity to provide a level of convenience with other businesses to ensure loyalty from customers

How much effort do I need to put in?

We advise that businesses allocate just 20 minutes a week to managing their profile.

Key actions each week:

  • Ensuring your products and profile are up to date
  • Sharing one new product, service, or general post

If every business commits to being a gateway to their town and the other businesses, we will all be much stronger together and help to keep consumer spend within the local business community.

How do I get started?

If this is of interest, you can register a new account on the ShopAppy website. A member of the ShopAppy team will call you to get you started within 48 hours.

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