Taking Part – Creative Workshops

What is Taking Part? 

Taking Part is a scheme offered by South Oxfordshire District Council to help everyone in the community to take part in the creative arts. 

You can choose from the Taking Part Menu of creative workshops, from felt-making to Charleston, from singing to film-making, from creative writing to mural painting, and lots more… 

The workshops are led by experienced community artists from Oxfordshire, who have been selected by application to South Oxfordshire District Council’s arts development officer. 

Who is Taking Part for? 

The arts are for everyone! Taking Part is suitable for any kind of community group, including those which meet regularly as well as at one-off events. 

The artists have experience working with a wide range of groups, including children and young people, older people, people with physical or learning disabilities, those with mental health needs, and most definitely people without any experience! 

These are some of the locations where Taking Part workshops have been held: 

Village halls or community centres • youth clubs • play schemes • disability groups • family centres • nursing homes • day centres • sheltered accommodation • lunch clubs • interest groups • parks and outdoor spaces • village fetes • sports days 

How much does it cost? 

Workshop costs are detailed in the Taking Part Menu, and depend on the length you want to book. They can range from £70 for a shorter workshop to £250 for a full day, all inclusive of materials, travel, and specialist equipment. 

Up to 50 per cent of the cost can be subsidised by South Oxfordshire District Council, depending on availability of funds. Schools and profit-making groups are not eligible for funding.

How does it work?

The arts development officer is on hand to take you through the process of choosing, booking and holding the workshop, as well as provide advice on how to promote it and how to get people involved. There are template forms you can use so the whole process is very user-friendly, even for those who do not usually organise events.

The first step is to contact the arts development officer (see contacts section of this page) to request a current Taking Part Menu of workshops.

Last reviewed: 28 - 06 - 2016

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