Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability is a key issue which must underpin all of the council's planning documents and decisions.

Scoping Report for the Sustainability Appraisal

The council approved the Scoping Report for the Sustainability Appraisal of its Local Development Framework (the 'Scoping Report') in June 2006, following consultation on a draft report.  You can download the approved Scoping Report (see Downloads section of this page).

The Scoping Report contains a set of sustainability objectives for the district. These are derived from a review of many plans, policies and programmes relevant to spatial planning, from an analysis of current social, economic and environmental conditions in the district (including future trends), and from an assessment of local sustainability problems.  Documents produced as part of the Local Development Framework will be appraised for their significant effects on the objectives.  The Scoping Report sets out the methodology for undertaking this task. 

Feedback Report

The council has published a Feedback Report giving details of the representations received during the consultation on the draft Scoping Report which took place between December 2005 and February 2006.  The Feedback Report indicates the council's response to each representation and where appropriate, indicates what change will be made to the Scoping Report.  You can download the Feedback Report (see Downloads section of this page).

UK Government Sustainable Development Strategy

The UK Government Sustainable Development Strategy 2005 defines the goal of sustainable development as enabling ‘all people throughout the world to satisfy their basic needs and enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising the quality of life of future generations’. 

The strategy indicates that this goal ‘will be pursued in an integrated way through a sustainable, innovative and productive economy that delivers high levels of employment; and a just society that promotes social inclusion, sustainable communities and personal wellbeing. This will be done in ways that protect and enhance the physical and natural environment, and use resources and energy as efficiently as possible.’

Sustainability Appraisals

All the documents forming part of the local development framework, apart from the statement of community involvement, the local development scheme and the annual monitoring reports, will be subject to a sustainability appraisal (SA).  This will evaluate the likely significant social, environmental and economic effects of the proposals in the documents. 

Where appropriate, the sustainability appraisal will show how the document meets sustainability objectives and what options were considered in preparing the document.  It will also show how proposals to mitigate the adverse effects of policies have been selected.

These sustainability appraisals will also encompass the requirements of the European Directive on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).  SEA is a process to ensure the significant environmental effects arising from policies and plans are identified, assessed, mitigated and monitored.  We will consult on the sustainability appraisal reports at the same time as we consult on the main document to which they relate.

Last reviewed: 28 - 07 - 2014

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