Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan

The Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan was formally made part of the council's development plan by South Oxfordshire District Council on 15 May 2014.  This follows the positive outcome of the referendum held on 3 April 2014, where nearly 90% of those who voted were in favour of the plan.  The formal decision statement as required under Neighbourhood Planning Regulations is included in the key documents set out below:

You can view the full representations by using our online consultation system below. 

Referendum results

The plan was approved by an examiner.  After reviewing the recommendations, we decided that it could move forward to a referendum, which took place on Thursday 3 April 2014.  The referendum was successful.  You can view the results on the council's Woodcote Referendum Website. which gives information such as voter breakdown and what the referendum question was.  

    Previous Publication documents

    You can view all the consultation documents regarding the previous publication period which took place between September - November 2013  by clicking on the links below.  We've also put together a useful guide, which is accessible using the quick link to the right.


    Area designation information 

    Cabinet voted to approve the neighbourhood plan area for the Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan on 12 April 2012. You can view a copy of the proposed area below:

    An area designation is valid for five years. On 20 February 2017 the area was renewed for a further five years. The updated documents can be viewed below:

    Last reviewed: 11 - 04 - 2017

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