Local Plan: Sites and General Policies Scoping

We achieved adoption of our core strategy in December 2012, which is the major planning strategy for the district.  It sets out vision for what we want to see happen in the district in the years to 2027.  To help deliver this vision we are now working on the second part of our Local Plan.  The Local Plan: Sites and General Policies will need to ensure that sufficient housing sites are identified to deliver 1,154 new homes in our 12 identified larger villages.  It will also allocate sites for a range of other uses, including employment and shopping.  Part of the plan will contain an update to our general planning policies, which are currently found in our Local Plan 2011.  We asked your suggestions on what else should be contained within the plan.  The consultation is now closed.

Cabinet decision 

The council's Cabinet Committee considered a draft distribution for the new housing to be built in the larger villages at its meeting on 25 September 2013.  Cabinet agreed that the draft distribution is supported as a basis for taking forward neighbourhood plans and for the Local Plan: Sites and General Policies document.  

Second round consultation events (view display boards)

Come along and give us your views and find out what others have said.

Previous documents

We want to ask your views on what else should be in the plan?  Have we missed out anything important in what we’re proposing?  We’ve put together a number of consultation documents to try and capture some of the ideas that we have already got for the Local Plan: Sites and General Policies.  These include our new quarterly newsletter and statement about our housing distribution.  View the consultation documents below

You can respond to our consultation by using our online consultation.  Please be advised that you will need to register to use the system if you have not already done so.  Alternatively, you can download a comment form.  

Please be advised that all comments received will be available to the public to view.

Other evidence can be accessed using our evidence page.  Don't forget to look at our high level technical assessment of the sites available at our 12 larger villages.  This is the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).  This does not give council preferred options. 

Events (first round - view display boards and feedback reports)

Consultation events have been held over the summer to try and engage as many people as possible.  We worked closely with the larger village parish councils in order to deliver these events.  You can view the display boards along with the dates and locations of the events we've held and will be holding below: 

Last reviewed: 01 - 04 - 2015

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