Scoping other strategies

Information on the Council's other strategies and plans

The government advises us to ensure that policies in our development plan are in line with other policies, plans and strategies that have a bearing on the nature of places and how they function.

Our scoping report summaries a number of relevant policy guidance documents, studies and strategies produced at national, regional and local levels. It also identifies the key issues for both our Sustainable Community Strategy and our Local Development Framework.

If we have missed any important policy guidance, studies or strategies or you believe we have not highlighted the right key issues, please contact us.  We will keep this document as a working copy and update it as new strategies and plans emerge.

Scoping report

See downloads section of this page for our scoping report.

Community Led Plans (formerly known as parish plans)

We have also carried out a scoping exercise of all the recent community led plans to ensure that we are taking into account important local issues in the development of our plans. 

Please let us know if your parish plan is missing or if you think we have missed something important.

Last reviewed: 28 - 06 - 2016

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