Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) have been tasked by central government to explore the potential to maximise the Oxford to Cambridge Growth Corridor to support economic prosperity. The NIC were asked how to maximise the potential of the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor as a single, knowledge-intensive cluster that competes on a global stage, protecting the area’s high-quality environment, and securing the homes and jobs that the area needs.

As part of their vision they are proposing an expressway to connect the two cities and further develop economic growth. Further information regarding the Oxford to Cambridge growth proposals, including the Expressway can be found on the NIC website:

https://www.nic.org.uk/our-work/growth-corridor/ This link will take you to an external website...

Central Government has largely accepted the NIC’s vision for supporting growth in the corridor, and as part of this Highways England are now taking forward more detailed development of the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway proposals. South Oxfordshire District Council continue to take a keen interest in development of plans for the Expressway. A number of suggested corridor routes have been put forward, some of which cross into South Oxfordshire. These can be seen in the Oxford to Cambridge Stage 3 Report available at the following link:

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/oxford-to-cambridge-expressway-strategic-study-stage-3-report GOV.UK This link will take you to an external website...

Highways England wrote to key stakeholders in Spring 2018 to get their views on the proposed corridor options as set out in the Stage 3 report. South Oxfordshire provided a response to the questions asked regarding preferred corridors on 12th April. The response can be found here: SODC response to suggested routes (514.2 KB) PDF

Since April, Highways England have released further detail on the corridors being assessed, and presented these at a stakeholder conference in May 2018. All slides from this conference can be found on the Highways England website:Highways Englands Official Website This link will take you to an external website...

The leader of South Oxfordshire District Council has written to Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, setting out our preference for proposed Expressway corridor C, including sub-option C1 to the North and West of Oxford. The details can be found here

A response (251.7 KB) PDF from Jesse Norman MP was received on 8 August 2018. 

On 26 July 2018, Kit Malthouse MP, Minister for Housing, wrote to the leaders of all the relevant Councils inviting 'ambitious proposals for transformational housing growth including new settlements', with proposals due by 14 September 2018. The letter can be found here (143.6 KB) PDF

Councillor Jane Murphy responded on 15 August and this can be found here (336.2 KB) PDF

Oxford Cambridge Expressway corridor decision

On 12 September 2018, Roads Minister Jesse Norman MP announced the chosen corridor for the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.This decision determines the broad area within which the road will be developed. Identification and selection of a specific route will now comence and will involve further consultation with members of the public in 2019. Full details of the announcement are available at the following link;


Further detail on the technical work related to the announcement, including relevant maps can be found at the Highways England website at the following link:


The Council's initial response to the goverments expressway corridor announcement can be here This link will take you to an external website... .

The initial Oxfordshire Growth Board’s response to the announcement can be found here This link will take you to an external website... .

Last reviewed: 05 - 11 - 2018

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