South Oxfordshire Submission Core Strategy

We submitted the core strategy to the Secretary of State for independent examination on 18 March 2011.  The submission documents include the core strategy, all representations received as part of the publication period, Sustainability Appraisal, Appropriate Assessment, Consultation reports, Infrastructure Delivery Plan and our evidence base.

Accessing the documents

Following representations made on the Proposed Submission Core Strategy during the 3 December 2010 to 21 January 2011 publication period, we have made a series of minor changes and corrections to the Core Strategy.  We have not made any major changes.  You can view these in our schedule of minor changes, which should be read in conjunction with the main documents. Alternatively you can view the strike-through version of the Core Strategy, which incorporates the minor changes.

The best way to view our evidence base is to visit our evidence base section.

We've recently created a strike-through version of the March submitted Sustainability Appraisal.  This was not submitted in March 2011, but we've created it to help users follow the different amendments that have taken place since then. 


Due to the large volume of representations received (nearly 1700); we have been unable to put them on the website.  The representations are available to view by appointment, by visiting our offices.  For further information about the representations, contact the planning policy team.

Last reviewed: 08 - 07 - 2015

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