Preferred options

Consultation period

The consultation period is now closed and ran from 20 March 2009 until 1 May 2009.  We would like to thank all residents that took part in this consultation, as we received over 1,000 responses!

You can view summaries of the response, along with the consultation statement by following the link below.

You can still view a copy of the Core Strategy Preferred Options and related documents on the inks to the right. Hard copies are also available at a cost of £9 posted and £8 collected.  CDs of the document are also available upon request.  

Pros and cons for each option

With the real threat of climate change, sustainability is at the heart of the development of our policies.  Our Sustainability Appraisal report accompanies the `Preferred Options- document.  This explains some of the pros and cons for each option, which  you can view from the quick links section.  For those of you interested in our background documents visit our evidence page.

When preparing the strategy we have to follow the policies and strategy in the South East Plan.

Consultation events

We held a number of community engagement events, to try and get as much people involved as possible.  You can view the main points raised by the attendees, by clicking on the relevant exhibition. 

Public workshops held at our offices

17.03.09 Didcot Community Forum (at Didcot)
15.04.09 Focusing on our towns  
16.04.09 Focusing on our rural areas 

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Planning Policy.

Last reviewed: 06 - 01 - 2011

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