Core strategy schedule of changes publication

This consultation has now closed

We consulted on these issues from 8 July until 19 August 2011.  We submitted all relevant information to the Inspector.  You can view a copy of the new additional Regulation 30 consultation statement and Re-submission letter below.

A summary of the main changes can be found below.  The changes, (which should be read in conjunction with our March 2011 submitted core strategy) are as follows:

  • A change to the overall strategy to remove a reliance on an allowance for a supply of homes from unallocated sites
  • Increase in the supply of homes from the greenfield neighbourhood to the northwest of Thame from 500 to 600 homes and to identify via the Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) land to supply a further 175 homes
  • Increase the supply of homes from the greenfield neighbourhood west of Wallingford from 400 to 555 homes
  • Increase the supply of homes from the larger villages from 740 to 1,154 to identified via the Site Allocations DPD
  • Changes to Policy CSC1 and Table 18.1 to make clear they are about anticipated rates of delivery and contingency plans if these rates are not achieved.

This publication follows the same formal process as the previous publication period held in December 2010, following the format set out by the Planning Inspectorate.

How to make a comment

Your comments should only relate to the changes that we are putting forward, as we won’t accept any comments outside of this.  All comments received from the previous publication stage have been submitted to the Inspector, so you do not have to submit the same comments again, unless you are raising different points relating to our changes

If you want to make a comment on the strategy it will have to fall within strict criteria and using the correct comment forms.  These criteria are known as the ‘tests of soundness’.  We can only accept comments sent on the correct form, following the correct process.

The consultation closes on Friday 19 August 2011 by 4.30 pm preciselyWe cannot accept any comments after this point. 

View the consultation documents

Other evidence base documents and background papers can be accessed via the link below.

You can also download a pdf comment form via the quick links to the right.

Support for you

Can I email in a general comment?

Please note, unfortunately we cannot accept general comments at this stage. Your comments should relate to the changes identified in our schedule of changes documents.  All comments need to fall under criteria set out by the Planning Inspectorate.  We've explained this in more detail in the consultation guidance note and on the helpline, but briefly these are as follows:

Legal compliance - generally this is about how we prepared our strategy

Justified – Ensuring that our strategy is based on robust and credible evidence

Effective – Can our policies and proposals actually happen, essentially are they deliverable and capable of being monitored

Consistent – our strategy must be consistent with national policy – unless there is a fully justified local need, which can be proven by evidence.  

Last reviewed: 24 - 05 - 2016

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