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In October 2010 we carried out important review work on our core strategy.  This resulted from the government announcing the revocation of regional plans, in our area known as the South East Plan.  The review work also helped us take account of the increased levels of community empowerment that is being encouraged from national government. 

We have completed the consultation and you can view the consultation results by clicking on the links below.

These are a summary of the main issues raised from the consultation.  Full copies of all responses are available to view at the council offices via appointment.

What did we look at?

We focused on some key areas that have been affected by the changes and where we needed your comments.  These were as follows:

Housing numbers

Should we keep the South East Plan housing numbers?  Our current thinking was that we should stick with the South East Plan figures.  This is because they are based on robust evidence, which we feel is appropriate for our district. 

Proportional growth

Given the extra flexibility that we have with the revocation of the South East Plan, we have been able to look at the distribution of the houses.  We looked at a proportional growth approach.  This would mean relating the amount of growth in the market towns and larger villages to their existing size;


We looked at including housing windfalls in our calculations of housing supply.  Windfalls are homes that receive planning permission that are not on sites we have identified in our plans, but which meet our policies.  If we allow for windfalls it will lower the number of homes we need to allocate land for;


The government has removed statutory requirements that address what the density of housing on development sites should be.  We want to encourage the efficient use of land for development and to do this, we suggested a density policy.

Didcot is being planned for differently with regard to the first two options.  This is to ensure the town receives all the necessary infrastructure funding and provision needed to support all the changes it will experience as part of its growth point status.

You can find out more about these options on the right, which includes a technical note.

Thame sites

The changes we proposed have also prompted a review of sites in Thame.

Last reviewed: 21 - 03 - 2011

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