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This page has been drafted by and is the responsibility of Helen Wilson, Programme Officer for the Examination. Helen is an impartial officer of the Examination and works under the direction of the Inspector. Helen has had no involvement in the preparation of the Core Strategy

You can find relevant information on South Oxfordshire's Core Strategy Examination by clicking on the relevant sections below.  

Update 25 October 2012 - Core strategy Inspector's report

Update 2 October 2012 - Winterbrook Conservation Area

Update 17 September 2012, Winterbrook Conservation Area

Update 13 September 2012

  • SODC52 (164.8 KB) PDF - SODC's response to representations received on Further Proposed Main Modifications

Update 17 July 2012

Following the recent hearings held in May and June 2012, the Inspector, has identified some changes to the Core Strategy that he considers should be formally consulted upon.
Further information on the current consultation is available at
Please note that there is a small typo in Table 18.1 in the main modifications schedule. The projected delivery of the 166 units for Mongewell Park is shown in the column entitled 2017/18 to 2021/22.  However, these 166 units should be in the adjacent column entitled 2012/13 to 2016/17. No other sections of the core strategy are affected by this.  The correct information is already before the Examination in
Update 2 July 2012

Update 25 June 2012

Update - 20 June 2012 

New policy on historic environment proposed to Inspector

As a response to the objection made by English Heritage during the NPPF consultation (see link below), the Council has proposed to insert a new historic environment policy into its Core Strategy.  A minor modification to the design policy CSQ3 is also proposed. English Heritage have written to the Inspector to say they are happy with the proposed changes and would withdraw their objection.  You can view the new policy and amendment to CSQ3 as well as the English Heritage letter below. You can also view the Sustainability Appraisal for the new policy below. 

  • SODC/45 (19.6 KB) PDF - New historic environment policy and minor modification to design policy CSQ3
  • SODC/46 (210.2 KB) PDF - English Heritage letter dated 20 June 2012 on proposed new historic environment policy and change to design policy CSQ3   
  • SODC/47 (22.6 KB) PDF - Sustainability Appraisal for new historic environment policy

 Update  - 18 June 2012

Note further to Item 7 of the NPPF agenda  is available here (196.8 KB) PDF  

Following consideration of all the comments regarding the National Planning Policy Framework the Inspector has decided to hold a hearing session. This will take place on Thursday 21 June at 10.00 am in the Council Chamber. 

 An agenda is available here (198.6 KB) PDF

Documents submitted during and after the further hearings 

Documents uploaded to the website on 12 June 2012

Documents uploaded to the website on 6 June 2012

Documents submitted before 6 June 2012

  •  5921/1 (575.9 KB) PDF - Response by North West Wallingford Action Group to further information submitted by PRUPIM
  • 5921/1b (37.0 KB) PDF - Response by North West Wallingford Action Group to further information submitted by PRUPIM
  • 5921/1c (919.2 KB) PDF - Response by North West Wallingford Action Group to further information submitted by PRUPIM
  • 468/1848/2 (131.4 KB) PDF - Letter dated 23 May 2012 from Campaign to Protect Rural England and Oxford Green Belt Network, responding to the comments submitted on behalf of Magdalen Development Ltd/Kennet Properties Ltd
  • ID/43 (1.1 MB) PDF - Inspector’s suggested re-wording  of MM25
  • 468/2 (207.4 KB) PDF - Letter dated 20 May 2012 from CPRE Oxfordshire to the Inspector regarding MM25
  • 468/2A (2.6 MB) PDF - Appendix for above
  • SODC/40 (3.3 MB) PDF - Note on the status of ID37 and Council’s response to ID38 and ID/38A
  • SODC/41 (971.9 KB) PDF - Letter dated 21 May 2012 from The Environment Agency to South Oxfordshire District Council regarding Bradfords Brook
  • SODC/42 (739.7 KB) PDF - Note by South Oxfordshire District Council on the Procedural steps if the Inspector is minded to provisionally conclude and support the principle of the contingency option at Thame
  • 4314/1 - Statement by Mr Teboe to the Wallingford session
  • 13/2 - Information regarding the north east footpath link from the Slade End Farm site and details of email correspondence between Odyssey and Oxfordshire County Council relating to the width of the public right of way along this route
  • 13/2A (49.6 KB) PDF - PRUPIM Odyssey North East Footpath Link and Public Transport Letter
  • 13/2B (65.9 KB) PDF - PRUPIM OCC E-Mail 15 May 2012
  • 13/2C (306.0 KB) PDF - PRUPIM OCC Footpath Map 3rd Edition Re E:mail dated 22 November 2011
  • 13/2D (353.0 KB) PDF - PRUPIM OCC Footpath Map 4th Edition Re E:mail dated 22 November 2011
  • 13/2E (21.0 KB) PDF - PRUPIM OCC E-Mail 22 November 2011
  • 13/2F (460.6 KB) PDF - PRUPIM National Grid Map
  • 13/2G (21.1 KB) PDF - PRUPIM Public Transport Offer Update
  • 5986/1 (5.5 MB) PDF - Thame Neighbourhood Plan, Agreed Position Statement submitted by Thame Town Council
  • 5990/4121/3 (37.6 KB) PDF - Email dated 28 May 2012 and attached plans from Steven Sensecall to the Inspector, responding to the density plans introduced by South Oxfordshire DC at the further hearing session
  • 5990/4121/3A (618.7 KB) PDF - Map for Site E
  • 5990/4121/3B (570.3 KB) PDF - Map for Site B
  • SODC/5990/4121/1 (186.9 KB) PDF - Status of ID 37a and response to ID38/ID/38a - Agreed Note between SODC and Berkeley Homes (Oxford and Chiltern) Limited and Wates Development Limited
  • 1997/1 - Email dated 23 May 2012 from Harpsden Parish Council to Ann Ducker regarding Henley’s Neighbourhood Plan

The proposed changes or 'Main Modifications' publication period has now closed.  You can click here to access the information or use the quick link to the right.

You can view a selection of representations taken from the mid examination publication process, by clicking hereIt has only been possible to make available on the website the representations of those who indicated a wish to participate at the further hearings.  Due to the resource implications and system limitations, we have not been able to make all the representations available on the website.  All representations are available to view at our office by appointment.  Simply e-mail your request to the Planning Policy Team.  All representations have been submitted to the Inspector.  The additional information requested by the Inspector at Appendix A to the Wallingford Agenda is listed below.

Following the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework, the Programme Officer has written to all respondents to ask whether the Core Strategy reflects the presumption in favour of sustainable development in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and, if not, whether the inclusion of the 'model policy' included on the Planning Portal would be an appropriate way of securing consistency with national policy?

The model policy can be viewed here

Further Hearing Sessions  

Further hearings will be held on 22 and 23 May, the timetable for these sessions is as follows:

The sessions will take place in the Council Chamber at South Oxfordshire District Council, Benson Lane, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 8ED. 

Please note that the Inspector will not be requiring statements for these hearings.

Documents submitted before Wallingford hearing

New Core Documents -  

The following documents have been added to the Core Documents list, these documents have been appended to South Oxfordshire District Council's response to the consultation on Main Modifications.

  • CD09/84 (6.5 MB) PDF  - Draft Wallingford Conservation Area Character Appraisal plus associated material Part 1 
  • CD09/84 (3.5 MB) PDF  - Draft Wallingford Conservation Area Character Appraisal plus associated material Part 2 
  • CD05/14 (4.1 MB) PDF  - OCC Minerals and Waste Core Strategy Proposed Submission Document
  • CD09/85 (2.4 MB) PDF  - Landscape Assessment Study for Site F: Thame Report by Kirkham Landscape Planning Ltd

Inspector's conclusions on changes to the Core Strategy to be advertised for public representations

Note from the Inspector to SODC re the S20-23 of the Planning and Compulsory Act

  • ID38 (57.6 KB) PDF  -  issue regarding S20-23 of the Planning and Compulsory Act
  • ID38a (68.8 KB) PDF - Further Inspector's note to SODC re the S20-23 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act

Statement by the Inspector - 16 January 2012

Documents received regarding the Inspector's Draft Conclusions

Statement by the Inspector - 5 January 2012

Documents Submitted by SODC following the Inspector's Statement to SODC dated November 2011 

 Inspector's Statement to SODC dated 30 November 2011

Note from the Inspector following the hearings, 11 November 2011

Points for follow up - November

New documents from SODC

Core documents list

Examination documents

Contact details for the programme officer

For all matters concerning the examination, please get in touch with Helen using the following contact details:

Programme Officer: Helen Wilson

Telephone: 01527 65741

Mobile: 07879 443035




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