Selected Mid Examination Publication Reps - Core Strategy

You can view a selection of representations taken from the mid examination publication process, by clicking on the representations link below.  It has only been possible to make available on the website the representations of those who indicated a wish to participate at the further hearings.  Due to the resource implications and system limitations, we have not been able to make all the representations available on the website.  All representations are available to view at our office by appointment.  Simply e-mail your request to the Planning Policy Team. 

The Main Modification references used below relate to the following areas:

Overall strategy = MM5

Moving around = MM6 MM7

Thriving economy = MM18 MM19 MM21 MM22

Delivering new homes = MM27 MM28 MM29 MM31 MM33 MM34 MM36 MM37 MM38 MM39 MM40 MM49 MM50

Didcot = MM59 MM60

Henley = M61

Thame = MM64 MM68 MM69 MM70

Wallingford = MM73 MM74 MM77

Rural communities = MM80

The Environment = MM82 MM83

Implementation of the strategy = MM87 MM94 MM96 MM100 MM101 MM103 MM105

Key diagram = MM114

Appendix 6 = MM112    

Selected representations  

Last reviewed: 09 - 03 - 2016

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