Non-official search fees

Table showing list of information available along with fees via the Public Interface Terminals in South Oxfordshire District Council's reception.

Admin fee (the fixed costs of officer time, processing payment and
providing print-outs etc)
£10.00 per
1.1. a-g Planning and Building Decisions and Pending applications 50p
1.1. h Competent persons self-certification scheme 50p
1.2. Planning Designations and Proposals 50p
2. b-d Road adoption/making up £3.00
3.1. Land required for Public Purposes 50p
3.2. Land to be acquired for Road Works 50p
3.3. a Drainage Agreements and Consents 50p
3.4. a-f Nearby Road Schemes £5.00
3.5. Nearby Railway Schemes 50p
3.6. a-l Traffic Schemes £5.00
3.7. Outstanding Notices (a) building works; 50p
(b) environment; 50p
(c) health and safety; 50p
(d) housing; £3.00
(e) highways; or £3.00
(f) public health 50p 50p
3.8. Contravention of Building Regulations 50p
3.9. Notices, Orders, Directions and Proceedings under Planning Acts
(a) & (c) enforcement & LB enforcement notices
(b) stop notices 50p
(d) & (e) breach of condition & planning contravention notices 50p
(f) another notice relating to breach of planning control 50p
(g) a listed building repairs notice; 50p
(h) in the case of a listed building deliberately allowed to fall into
disrepair, a compulsory purchase order with a direction for minimum
(i) building preservation notice 50p
(j) direction restricting permitted development 50p
(k) an order revoking or modifying planning permission 50p
(l) an order requiring discontinuance of use or alteration or removal of
building or works
(m) tree preservation order 50p
(n) proceedings to enforce a planning agreement or planning
3.10. a & b Conservation Area 50p
3.11. Compulsory Purchase 50p
3.12. a & c Contaminated Land 50p

Last reviewed: 20 - 11 - 2014

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