Conservation Area List, Character Appraisals, Management Plans and Maps

Information on conservation areas

Below is a list of all the designated conservation areas in South Oxfordshire, listed alphabetically.

In addition to the initial designation, the council has a duty assess from time to time, the special interest, character and appearance of all conservation areas.  We must consider any additions or changes to their boundaries, and present proposals for their enhancement and management.

Conservation character appraisals or studies and management plans are linked below the settlements for which they exist.  Unfortunately we do not have the resources to undertake such appraisals very quickly and all those available are listed below.

Interactive Conservation Area Map

If you do not know the name of the settlement you are looking for, or want to see the area in a wider context, please follow the link below for the interactive conservation area map of the entire district:

Current conservation area appraisal work 

Wallingford Conservation Area Appraisal

During the last few years a number of conservation area appraisals have been completed, including for Thame and Henley.  Wallingford has also been looked at and a draft report has been produced by consultants appointed to undertake the appraisal and to propose a management plan.  The appraisal has reviewed the extent of the current conservation area and some changes to it are proposed in the management plan.  The draft report does not propose extending the conservation area as far as Winterbrook but it does recommend that there is an area at Winterbrook which is worthy of consideration as a new, separate conservation area.  We have received a request for access to the consultants draft report and have released it.

This draft report from the consultants has no status as a council document because it has yet to be formally considered.  Before considering whether to adopt some or all of the proposals in the management plan, the appraisal and the management plan must first be subject to a public consultation.  We will be looking to take this work forward but it is not in the immediate work programme nor in the Forward Plan.

Designated Conservation Areas:

Last reviewed: 14 - 06 - 2017

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