Voting by proxy

If you are unable to get to the polling station on the day of an election or referendum then you can apply to vote by proxy. A proxy vote is where you nominate someone else to vote on your behalf.

Your proxy can be anyone of your choosing, however, they must be registered to vote and unless they are a close family member, can only vote for two people by proxy.

Your proxy must vote for you at your polling station, as that is where your name appears on the electoral register. If they do live away from your polling station then they can apply to vote on your behalf by post – but only once you have set up the proxy vote. We will send the required form to your proxy when you set it up, if they do not want to vote by post then they can ignore the form and simply go to the polling station with the proxy poll card sent to them prior to the election.

Permanent Proxy

You can apply for a permanent proxy under the following circumstances and will need to complete the relevant supporting information page of the application form to do so:

  • Occupation
  • Medical reasons or disability
  • Service, if you are registered as a service voter
  • If you are living abroad and registered as an overseas voter

Applying to vote by proxy

If you wish to vote by proxy please visit the GOV.UK website via the following link and fill in a proxy vote application form  GOV.UK This link will take you to an external website... . You will need to provide a reason for why you are applying for a proxy vote.

You can apply for a proxy vote at any time until 5pm, on the sixth working day before an election, provided you do not already have any absent voting arrangements in place. 

The deadline for amending or cancelling existing arrangements is 11 working days before an election.

Postal Proxy

Please see the postal voting page This link will take you to an external website... for any postal vote rules, as the same apply to a postal proxy.

When set up for a postal proxy, your proxy will need to complete their own date of birth and signature on the postal voting statement that comes with the postal ballot paper – as this will match the postal proxy form that they have already completed.

Cancelling a proxy vote

You can only cancel a proxy vote by letting us know in writing. You can email and let us know your name, address and that you would like your proxy vote to be cancelled. 

Emergency Proxy

If you find out after the normal proxy deadline that you are unable to get to the polling station on the day of an election you maybe eligible to apply for an emergency proxy. It must be for either a medical emergency or a work reason. You need to complete a relevant application form, which can be found on this website ,and returned to the elections office. You can scan and email the form.

Last reviewed: 09 - 08 - 2017

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