Councillors' privacy notice

Under the current data protection legislation your district councillor is required to give you information about how he/she will collect, use and store any personal data you give to them as your district councillor.  

They are required to have a specific legal reason to have this data and in this case it is in your legitimate interests for your district councillor to look into the matter you have brought to his/her attention.  In order to do this your councillor may need to share the information with district council staff or other ward councillors.  If your enquiry involves services provided by another agency e.g. Oxfordshire County Council, your councillor may need to share your information with them in order to resolve your issue. 

If you have given your councillor any information about yourself or your family that falls under the special data category (this would include race, religion, ethnic origin, health or sexual orientation) and he/she requires this to assist you, he/she will hold this information to protect your vital interests or those of your family. 

You have rights under data protection and you can, at any time, ask your district councillor for a copy of all your personal data he/she holds.  You can also ask him/her to correct anything if it is not up to date and you can ask him/her to delete you from their records.

Your councillor will delete your details at the end of their current term as a district councillor, which is May 2019, unless the matter they are assisting you with is still current.  If this is the case and your councillor is re-elected, he/she will continue to hold your data until it is no longer needed.  If that person is not re-elected, he/she will pass your details onto your new councillor.

Last reviewed: 24 - 07 - 2018

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