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The district council does not own any houses. All social housing is owned by Registered Social Landlords (Housing Associations). The council is responsible for maintaining a housing register for all those in housing need and manages this register in accordance with the Housing Allocations Policy (645.9 KB) PDF .

When registering a housing application we will require documentary proof from you which will include:

  • Proof of ID for all members of the household
  • Proof of child benefit if applicable
  • Passport
  • Notice to leave your accommodation

This list is not complete so we may request more relevant documentation.

Being accepted and registered onto the housing register will not guarantee you will be offered a social tenancy. This is because there is a high demand of households wanting social housing and currently a lack of vacancies arising to meet this demand.

You should also look at all other housing options to help resolve your housing difficulties. For information on other options, see Finding a home.

Homechoice scheme

You can apply to join the housing register on our South Oxfordshire Home Choice This link will take you to an external website...  website. After you have joined the register you can bid for homes that are listed on the site. Because there are more people on the housing register than there are homes available, the housing register is split up into different priority groups. People that are in the most need of a home are given priority - read our housing allocations policy for more information.

Applying for a transfer

If you are already in a social tenancy which has now become unsuitable for your needs, you can apply for a transfer on However, this is not a quick solution so you may wish to contact your housing association as they may manage their own internal scheme to facilitate a quicker move.


This is a national scheme assisting tenants to exchange tenancies - it may be the quickest option to facilitate a move

If you are experiencing difficulties in your current tenancy due to arrears or because it needs adapting to meet your physical needs, see Staying in your home

To find out more about how to apply for housing, contact the housing needs team.

Last reviewed: 25 - 02 - 2019

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